To Walk The Path

The purpose of any truth is to learn to live it. To embody it. Own it. Let its veracity become the key to liberating our hearts and beings on a deeper level.

After all, it doesn’t do any good to obtain wisdom, truth, and knowledge if we don’t integrate it into our being.

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Message from the Birds

It’s a sunny day on the island, and though bird songs are always plentiful here, they seem to have increased tenfold over the last month. Riotous melodies and chimerical chirps accompany these words, reminding me to find the joy in day.

It has come to my attention lately, that I’m very good at getting ahead of myself in life.

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The Signature of Hope

Hope makes all the difference in regard to the lens with which we view the world.

The jungle is cloudy with unshed rain as I write these words, the roosters are strumming and humming outside my window, and lavender tea cools in my favorite blue mug as I meditate upon my own history with hope.

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Hello 2019

New day. New year. New possibilities.

I awoke with a sense of anticipation today. 4:00 was a bit too early, but I think I just wanted to breathe in the year of 2019 first thing. I always enjoy the new year, but something feels extra magical about this one. Like it’s going to be a change-point for new direction.

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It has been four days since we said good-bye to our sweet, old dog, Samwise. He was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago, and though they thought he would have about 6 months left, things went sideways this time last week and quickly spiraled.

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It’s funny how small steps can accumulate and lead to bigger things.

We don’t always know where we are going when we take the first step, but years later we can look back and see that we were on a journey the entire time, we just didn’t realize our own destination.

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They say the best way to learn something is to teach it.

I teach grief. I already knew the language fairly well, but I learned to speak it fluently when going through the loss of my brother, and in that fluidity I took my words, wrote a book, and have been an author and voice on grief since.

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The Field

Every field and flower fades, but love is infinite. – – Melanie Chisholm

We found out today our sweet old dog, Sam, has cancer.

A beautiful morning at the beach where he laid by the ocean and sunned himself turned into a nightmare of a seizure just an hour later on the car ride home turned into rushing to the vet turned into cancer.

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Revolving Door

Change is the way of life. I try and stay open to it and let myself unform and flow and let go, though it’s not always easy and sometimes resistance creeps in at unexpected times in unexpected ways.

Our upstairs neighbors moved yesterday- we rent the downstairs of a giant home up in the hills of Kauai and they rented the upstairs.

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