Aloha! I’m BethAnne Kapansky Wright.

I live in Kauai- (up by a jungle filled with a lot of roosters and wild pigs, yet close enough to the ocean where I can mermaid when need be)- where I use a variety of creative mediums and spiritual gifts to heal, ignite, and inspire others to tap into their heart magic and follow their path of soul with clarity and trust.

I’m a medicine bag of all sorts of things. Author. Writer. Teacher. Mentor. Psychologist. Intuitive. Channel. Artist. Poet. Empath. Fur Momma. I usually publish under my pen name, Dr. BethAnne K.W, and everything I do is wrapped in the goal of empowering intuitive, heart-based living, and helping people live more authentically and soulfully.

Life didn’t always look like this. So, for those who like the story behind things, here’s a quick chapter on my professional and spiritual journey that’s arrived me at this current space:

Stay on the path when the light is bright and find a tree to rest against when things grow dark and you need some time to regroup, replenish, rejuvenate. Honor your pace of self, know it will be different than anyone else.
— Dr. Bethanne K.W.

Psychology was my career path for almost 20 years, and I spent the first part of my career running a private practice as a clinical psychologist in Alaska.

There, I learned a lot about psychology, healing, the art of becoming, and humaning. I am so grateful to all the lessons learned in my practice, and I feel like that experience has helped me develop a deeply compassionate and grounded approach to working with others, which continues to inform, serve, and influence my service and work.

I started writing in 2011 to help process my feelings when I went through a huge life transition and subsequent spiritual awakening, which came as a result of making a conscious choice to listen to and follow the guidance of my heart.

Not only did writing teach me how to have a relationship with my deeper self, but it turns out that writing nourishes and sings my soul in ways I never dreamed: I haven’t stopped penning and alchemizing words since.

Somewhere around 2012-ish I got my first deck of tarot cards and a whole new world of intuition and magic opened up to me. The cards told me stories- about myself and about others- helping me better understand the dynamics and hidden intricacies going on behind the scenes.

I began developing my intuitive gifts on the side. Sometimes this felt very separate from my professional identity as a psychologist, but I had a natural affinity for readings, and I loved doing them. So, I began to drink in all I could find on spirituality, intuition, and anything else that spoke to my soul.

I think of the next few years in my life as the ‘growing years,’ because I was about to step into a rapid-fire succession of spiritual lessons that were going to stretch, expand and further wake my empathic and intuitive abilities.

A lot of really hard things happened in those years and a lot of really cool things happened. And most of those lessons are encapsulated in my earliest poetry books (which is one of the many reasons that I love being a writer- word scrapbooks!)

As I was preparing to step into 2016, I could feel a sense of growth wanting to spring forth and emerge. I’d been on the path of the heart long enough to trust my deeper, inexplicable feelings. My intuition felt like it was preparing me for something, but I didn’t know what.

“What” was not what I thought it would be.

Fight for your right to be happy. Place your hand on your heart and heed its truth: your soul is so much more than your story. Your soul is so much more than your story.
— Dr. Bethanne K.W.

In January 2016 I lost my brother Brent. His death was instantaneous, and my subsequent grief journey was both shattering, breaking, and awakening.

Brent has now become such a deep part of my being, bones, and heart, and I’ve written so much about that time that I will keep my words brief in this space and just say- - the universe can use unexpected vehicles to travel us to our deeper truth.

There were three truths that came from that time in my life that changed the course of my life.

  1. I was a writer who was scared to put my work out there on a bigger level, and it was time for that to change.

  2. Life is short. It is not guaranteed. It is a gift. Do not waste your moments.

  3. My intuition was once again speaking, asking me to trust and make a major life change, and it was time to get in alignment with my deeper self, let go of fear, and trust on a bigger level than I’d ever trusted before.

So, I followed these truths, and I wrote my first poetry book (and I found that more quickly followed). I developed a new perspective on the transient nature of life and desired to live mine even braver. And, I set the goal to leave Alaska and move to the island of Kauai in one year’s time.

We arrived rumpled, crumpled, with two dogs, one cat and sweat rolling down our faces about 56 weeks later in July of 2017.

Kauai has been my life since: a process of reinvention, reformation, and a deeper relationship of trust with the universe.

A lot has happened in two years-time. There’s multiple stories within those words, but for today I’ll bring life up to the present and way that we’re going into year 3 on the island and this whole journey has looked different than I thought it would, and I feel called to write about all of it.

The beautiful, the difficult, the human, the divine, and through writing and creating help teach others to live bigger and braver and learn to step into their most embodied self.

Living intuitively and walking the path of the heart is not for the faint of heart. It is a bold, beautiful, juicy existence of following the cake crumbs of our soul, and collaging our bigger picture of purpose together through trust, authenticity, and paying attention to where our heart leads. It’s about making space to allow, listen, receive, and be in relationship with the sentience of the universe. Mostly it’s about trust. Trusting the path. Trusting the voice. Trusting the unknown and the unseen.

And since my whole life revolves around walking the path, I LOVE teaching others about heart-based and intuitive living. So, feel free to reach out if you’re feeling inspired and want to dive deeper into your intuitive path.

Thanks for joining me on the journey and reading a bit more about mine.

Love, hope & moonbeams, Dr. BethAnne

The heart sees love and hope and faith and dreams. It sees visions where eyes are blind. It sees beyond into worlds within worlds and intuitively knows this place is wrapped in mystery.
— Dr. Bethanne K.W.