Grief & Loss


111 Passages on Grief, Love, Loss, and Letting Go

Winner of the 2017 Silver Nautilus Award for Grief and Loss, “Lamentations of The Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss, and letting go,” follows the journey of a sister after the loss of her brother. Through poetry, prose, and essay form, this collection of passages takes a fearless look at grief and loss through a personal, psychological, spiritual, and experiential lens. Honest, heart-felt and real, this brave book taps into the devastating heart of grief and the healing power of love.

Transformations Of The Sea Poem Book on Grief by Beth Anne Kapansky Wright

122 passages on finding new life after loss

In the sequel to the grief book, Lamentations of The Sea, BethAnne's latest collection of personal essays, poetry, prose and reflections tells the story of who she became after the death of her brother. Picking up a year after her loss, Transformations of The Sun is a story of personal transformation and spiritual evolution, which follows the author from Alaska to Kauai as she sets out to start over and find herself anew. With themes of complex grief, spirituality, love and becoming, Transformations explores the nebulous space of change with fierce vulnerability and brave heart. If Lamentations navigates through the depths of grief, Transformations takes the reader on a journey or winged metamorphisis from catepillar to cocoon's core. 


Poetry & Prose


Starlight for the Mind and Soul

With rich imagery of the natural world, beautiful illustrations, and soulful words that speak to our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth, “Heliotrope Nights” is a compilation of poetry, prose, and short essays exploring the human spirit and journey of soul. Themes of humanity, belonging, truth, beauty and self-discovery are woven through rainbow pages, which enlighten, delight and invite the reader to consider their own relationship with their truth of soul.


A Love Story

This delightful collection of poetry, prose, meditations, and illustrations is ripe with a message of love. Whether the words are exploring our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with life, or our relationships with one another, there is a celebration of love running through the veins of this book that encourages the reader to choose love again and again through self-compassion, self-kindness, and self-acceptance. Through words that range from whimsical to deep, “freebird fridays,” is a beautiful tribute to the changing power of love.


A Journey Of Becoming

A thoughtful and soul-filled expression of poetry filled with deeply healing words and rich, natural imagery.  Cranberry Dusk explores the nature of being human and is full of  life wisdom, truth, and a therapeutic voice that encourages and supports the reader, wherever they find themselves on their own journey. A beautiful collection of poems for anybody looking to connect more deeply with their own heart wisdom and their own life truths.


A Collection of TRUTHS Not Often Told

“Hidden Lights” is an anthology and a collaboration of over 50 experienced and novice writers sharing their stories and poems from around the globe. The poignancy of each contribution covers the depths and widths of human experiences often kept secret. The words in this book are real, raging, and riveting. Readers will be captivated by the poetry and essays which plunge to the taproot of soul and the psychology of Truths Not Often Told. Each chapter details the bittersweet of humanity and crosses over stereotypes of gender, racial decree, suicide, justice, depression, grief, and wrapping an inclusiveness in the cusp of being seen and heard.


Children’s Books

Tallulah Talks to Nature Children's Book by Beth Anne Kapansky Wright

A Tallulah Adventure

The trees, the flowers, the stars, the earth, the sun, the sky- all of nature speaks to Tallulah! Join her in this whimsical adventure as she journeys through the natural world and listens to its wonderful messages of magic and love. With rainbows of color, charming illustrations, and a story with heart, Tallulah is sure to delight kids of all ages along with the child in each of us.