Dr. BethAnne K.W. has been doing my intuitive readings for many years now. She has also led a full moon Alaskan woman’s circle before she moved to Kauai where she was a solid comforting leader that changed lives in so many amazing ways. Her readings are stunningly accurate, and always mind expanding. It’s like she’s bestie’s with Spirit. Her special method and compassionate nature make the whole experience a welcoming process. Even when delivering information I don’t want to hear, she makes it real, yet positive and always leaves me knowing I can overcome anything. My life and viewpoint of life happenings have changed dramatically with her teachings and readings.
— M. P., Alaska

It’s really such a privilege to recommend Dr. BethAnne. For starters, she is just an incredible blend of talent, heart, compassion, and universal wisdom. I’m honored to just know her, frankly.

As a client of hers, I’ve gotten to experience the wide scope of magic that she offers, and it’s not unusual for me to be left in tears, laughter, and profound reflection.

I’ve read her books, and I’ve personally worked with her in the heart space, the intuitive space, the relationship space, and god - practically every space. In every single session with her, I always receive an extraordinary level of love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. She’s pure magic, and everything she does is so powerful. I learn, I think, I reflect, I grow, and I walk away from every experience as an expanded, fulfilled version of self.

I really can’t even explain her magic properly, I don’t think. She has that incredibly magical blend of the intuitive gifts, the heart compassion, and the professional experience and credentials to make it all come together. I’d have to say that Dr. BethAnne is magical because of who she IS... what she does is really all bonus material that puts a bow on everything.

I cannot offer a higher or more sincere recommendation. I hold her in the very highest regard and refer her to everyone that will listen. She’s that amazing. If you’re ready to experience magic in your life, she’s the one to connect with.
— L.D., Maui

I’ve been a client of BethAnne’s for almost a year. Her writing initially drew me in: stories and lessons about soul growth, love and loss and being a highly sensitive, intuitive empath in the world. BethAnne paints with words and describes experiences and ways of being in the world that few capture as well. I remember thinking ‘this woman is describing my life experience and inner world to a T - I must have a session with her.’ I contacted BethAnne through her website and started receiving intuitive readings and doing growth work. She is a trained and gifted psychologist and a natural intuitive who has provided guidance and input about my life with incredible accuracy. BethAnne’s approach is unique and can’t be summed-up in a sentence. What I can say is that if you are a highly sensitive, creative, intuitive and empathic soul who wants more — more soul growth, more clarity, more happiness and greater expansion you will love BethAnne’s writings, courses and sessions.
— A.M., Alaska

When BethAnne gave me my first reading, it was as if she opened a book and read my soul. That is not an exaggeration. She confirmed my deepest feelings and I sorely needed that validation. BethAnne is not only highly sensitive she’s an empath. She helped shed light on my past lives and gave me such hope and support to nurture my gifts as an empath. BethAnne’s approach is a combination of intuition, gentle, intelligent and tangible. I love how she interplays her brilliant mind of psychology too. She loves questions and gives such full, rich answers. Her gifts are incredible. I promise, you will benefit greatly from her sessions.
— C.R., Washington

BethAnne’s academic and experiential credentials speak for themselves. But she was born with an extraordinary and exceptional gift far beyond those credentials. She is all about authenticity and wholeness. She is the healthiest person I have encountered on this planet. She was my counselor for 5 years on a weekly basis and was a catalyst for positive change in my life that I never thought possible. She is full of love and artistry to boot.
— L.D., Alaska

I’d like to take a moment to share my gratitude for the beautiful women’s circle I was lucky enough to attend last year! BethAnne held such a beautiful, gentle, healing and hopeful space for a lovely group of women. All of us going through different life moments from pregnancy (me) to grief, moving on and even blossoming into womanhood. We were all guided to an enlightened breath and encouraged with our guide’s words. It was a magical full moon indeed and I look forward to my next meeting of the hearts under a full or new moon and bringing my beautiful daughter and more of my friends into the circle.
— H.H., Kauai

BethAnne is truly a unique gift to the people around her. I’ve been seeing her for over 4 years now and can’t imagine having anyone else to help me grow through life’s challenges. Through my anxiety and depression in addition to the stresses of being married to a service member, she has helped me find a strength and confidence in myself that I do not believe I would have discovered without her guidance.
— C.M., Alaska

I have known and worked with BethAnne for over 10 years and have witnessed her transform her amazing skills as an empowering psychologist into being able to truly connect on such a deep, emotional level with her Intuitive Readings. She has touched lives on so many levels and helped so many. I have reached out to her many times over these past 10 years, including when I was diagnosed with cancer, to dealing with post-traumatic stress, to seeking guidance with major decisions in my life, like completely changing careers and more. She has seen in me clearly what I could not see and encouraged me to chase my dreams. I would not be the person I am today without this uniquely talented woman in my life.

I’ve known BethAnne for several years as a personal friend, which has been a gift unto itself. But when I was in crisis and asked her to do an intuitive reading for me it gave me a peace and comfort that I desperately needed. As women in the sciences we share an understanding of struggle that transcends just friendship or a professional relationship. She helped me tap into my strength, my voice, my power, and my heart and mind in a way that allowed me to take a huge leap and risk both personally and professionally that have literally changed my life. I will be forever grateful and will always seek her counsel and solace.
— L.C., Washington


She compassionately tailors each session to meet the individual’s needs. Sessions take place over the telephone or over Skype. Please contact her at bethannekw@gmail.com for inquiries and to schedule a session.