Dr. BethAnne K.W.


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About Me

I am a Psychologist, Empath, and Intuitive who enjoys teaching, writing, and creating. I specialize in intuitive healing, grief work, support for empaths and highly sensitives, self-love, tapping into your own heart wisdom, and helping individual's find greater awakening, awareness, and acceptance for their own process of self. I believe in authenticity, soulful living, the power of love, finding laughter and joy, and learning to be more fully human. I deeply believe we are all artists at heart, in a constant state of creativity, and our lives are our art. In addition to several books of poetry, I am the author of the award winning grief book, Lamentations of The Sea, and its sequel, Transformation of The Sun.


Intuitive Psychology

I have combined my psychology background with my intuitive and spiritual gifts to create my own unique blend of transcendental psychology. I work with individuals over the phone offering 1:1 intuitive sessions designed to facilitate healing, heart and soul growth, and deeper self-awareness. 



Combining my psychological experience with my intuitive knowledge, I offer courses designed to help others live heart centered lives of meaning and intention. I believe we are all artists and our lives are our art: every day is an opportunity for personal creativity and expression. The more in alignment we are with ourselves, the more we can create the kinds of lives we desire. Through my courses, I aim to support individuals in cultivating authentic lives of joy, love, and purpose.


"This World Needs Your Heart"
FREE Course

With materials created to facilitate awareness, self-reflection, and heart-wisdom this free course offers tools to help participants drop into their own heart journey and take action steps towards a more heart-centered life. With insight, perspective, and compassionate guidance, This World Needs Your Heart invites each of us to live a more authentic, magical, braver life.

“Cultivating Your Intuition”

Cultivating Your Intuition is a course is designed to help participants tap into their own intuitive abilities. Our intuition is the gateway to our inner knowing, creativity, and truth. When we cultivate this innate gift, we learn to open up to greater heart wisdom and a deeper relationship with the world around us. Course material contains multiple modalities to offer a range of information. Videos, creative exercises, healing activities, heart reflections, discovery questions, affirmations, and one very fun ebook, all weave together to support individuals in releasing expectations, dropping into a deeper space of trust, and stepping into an empowered space for nourishing and growing their intuition.

“The Alchemy of Grief”

The Alchemy of Grief is designed as a healing space for the griever and is a unique course on grief, crafted through a psychological, spiritual, creative and personal lens. With sensitivity, care, and wisdom from my own grief journey, I hope to meet the griever wherever they are at in their grief journey and hold sacred space for processing loss. Grief may be the hardest journey we ever have to take, and yet there is hope, light, and phenomenal love in the journey as well. The Alchemy of Grief isn’t about fixing or forcing grief’s natural process, it is about creating space through a variety of mediums to process your heart, find deeper insight and transformation, and keep mending and rearranging their heart through grief's light.



I write and illustrate books for all ages. Color nurtures my soul. I’m currently working on a series of children’s books inspired by my best muse, my fur kids. I am the author of Lamentations of The Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss, and letting go. I also authored several poetry books: freebird fridays, Heliotrope Nights, and Cranberry Dusk.





I love to speak, teach, and work with people in group settings. From public speaking on psychoeducational topics, to facilitating group therapy, to leading a monthly woman's healing circle; I have had the opportunity to speak and work with groups in a diversity of ways throughout my career. I am deeply interested in supporting others on their grief journeys, teaching on topics that facilitate personal and spiritual transformation, and creating sacred healing circles. With humor, warmth, compassion, and wisdom, I aim to teach, lead, and share in such a way as to help others develop greater awareness, discovery, and insight. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak or facilitate.