Embodying Intuition.

Hello! I’m Dr. BethAnne K.W., an Author, Psychologist + Empath, who helps empower you to trust, develop + embody your intuition, so you can become your highest expression of self. Are you ready for gorgeous spiritual growth? Find out how!


Are you ready to develop your intuition?

Are you curious about your soul’s purpose? You’re in the right place if you consider yourself to be spiritually inquisitive. If you’ve read the books, watched the videos and are prepared to expand. And if thinking of yourself as psychic makes you shudder, but feels kind of right.

I’m Dr BethAnne and I understand the scary excitement you’re feeling right now. Standing on the precipice of the Universe...preparing to open up and let it all in. As an intuitive psychologist, I offer soul-care guidance, heart-healing, and spiritual growth to people just like you. And I’m here to help you uncover your own unique intuitive gifts and teach you how to communicate with your highest self and your spirit guides. 

Ready to grow?



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Are you looking for self-paced independent tools to quench your spiritual thirst?

Head to my online classes to learn more about my soul-filled offerings. These have been created from absolute love with the intention of nourishing and developing your heart wisdom at your preferred pace.


"Finding Your Heart Magic"
FREE Course

With materials created to facilitate awareness, self-reflection, and heart-wisdom this free course offers tools to help participants drop into their own heart journey and take action steps towards a more heart-centered life. With insight, perspective, and compassionate guidance, Finding Your Heart Magic invites each of us to live a more authentic, magical, braver life. Perfect for anyone looking to do some soul-care, develop your relationship with your inner world, and tap into your heart magic.

“Cultivating Your Intuition”

Perfect for anybody wanting to grow and tap into their intuitive abilities, Cultivating Your Intuition was designed to help you do just that! Through video teachings, intuitive prompts, discovery questions, healing activities and inspirational writing: you'll gain tools to develop a deeper relationship with your intuition, learn your unique language of soul, learn how spirit uses signs and synchronicities to speak, and examine and release any blocks standing in the way of fully embracing your magical intuitive gifts!

“The Heart of Empathy”

As an empath who has learned a great deal about managing my gift through my background as a psychologist and intuitive guide, I wanted to shine a brighter light on the path of the empath and support others on their journeys. The gift of empathy can be a gorgeous thing, but it can also be filled with challenges due to our heightened emotional sensitivity! However, if we know how to navigate those challenges we will begin to find liberation and joy in our gifts and empathic hearts.



I write and illustrate books for all ages. Color and Nature both nurture my soul and highly inspire my work. In addition to several books of poetry, I am the author of the award winning Lamentations of The Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss, and letting go and its sequel, Transformations of The Sun: 122 passages on finding new life after loss. Whatever I write, my goal is that my work be anchored in joy, love, and the exploration of what it means to be fully human. I’m currently working on creating a set of magical affirmation cards, and my newest book, Things of That Nature: Words for the Mystic Heart, will be out in August 2019!





I love to speak, teach, and work with people in group settings. From public speaking on psychoeducational topics, to facilitating group therapy, to leading a monthly woman's healing circle; I have had the opportunity to speak and work with groups in a diversity of ways throughout my career. I am deeply interested in supporting others on their grief journeys, teaching on topics that facilitate personal and spiritual transformation, and creating sacred healing circles. With humor, warmth, compassion, and wisdom, I aim to teach, lead, and share in such a way as to help others develop greater awareness, discovery, and insight. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak or facilitate.