Permission to Shine


A voice floated in on a tangerine dream, confettied with flecks of white and gold: ‘It is safe to become and be seen as your highest expression of self.’

Words of growth and change that say trust is key when we are full ready to commit to the sensitive knowing in our contrary hearts, who refuse to fit the boxes this world has carved out.

Trust can be hard; unpeeling fears like onions sheds us old skins and ignites us to live life from a deeply vulnerable space.

But this space is where your magic is found. This space is where your heart cries and soul sighs, sigh the loudest and can tip your life upside down in dazzling spirals of adventure and grace. Should you have the courage to follow them.

Doubts are human and valid. Reluctance understandable in the face of brave change. Take all the time you need dear one, to go within and let the amber flames of your life force refine such things.

But please don’t let yourself be steeped, stopped, or stepped by other’s careless words and blind opinions, who judge what they do not see or know. Because they smothered their heart cries and souls sighs long ago.

And you were meant to experience the world in celestial technicolor and symphonic symphony, bright soul. So, let yourself grow.

Let yourself move with the trees and listen to the music of the elven beats. Let yourself see the sky pink and hear the world in dreams. Let yourself keep tunneling into your most authentic, exquisite, soulful being.

And if anyone should look at you, askance, keep on with your dance and joyfully say:

‘It is safe to become and be seen as my highest expression of self.’