Embodying Intuition: 17 Keys for an Intuitive You


It began with an epiphany.

I recently had searing clarity surrounding my life path: I teach others how to embody intuitive living.

It sounds so simple when you distill it, yet it took me two years of wandering through my inner soul-wilderness on the island of Kauai to fully see the bigger picture: everything I write, create, jot, muse, imagine, teach, channel, draw, speak- everything I AM- all leads back to intuitive living.

What is intuitive living?

To keep it simple for the blog, and not write a book on this (100% #futuregoals), I see intuitive living as a dynamic dance between multiple aspects of being:

  • Understanding our heart wisdom (so we can lead with love + live authentically)

  • Opening our minds (so we can expand our consciousness + awareness)

  • Trusting and learning from our emotions (because emotional intelligence is key to intuition)

  • Living creatively + closer to nature (because nature is a natural teacher on intuition + creativity)

  • When we do these things, we innately align with the rhythm of our deeper self (AKA our soul!) and we begin to organically follow our individual truth and flow.

Intuitive living is what brings us sanity in a world that often feels insane.

It’s what allows us to differentiate between the voice of our true self and the voices of others.

It’s what opens us up to the universe of wisdom inside of ourselves and a rich, deep relationship with the mysteries of the greater universe.

Our intuition is our friend in love, loss, and every emotion that lays in between, because it will teach us how to feel, discover, and heal, so we can become more fully, wholly ourselves.

Our intuition is what guides us to go in a new direction, or to take a leap of faith, or to stay on the path when we can’t fully see the light.

Our intuition is what transforms the mundane and helps us find the magic in the everyday.

Intuition is how our soul speaks and manifests its inner knowing, which is why it is awesome-sauce, which is why I LOVE teaching about it.

17 Keys for an Intuitive You

In the spirit of following my intuition (by trusting my creative flow), I thought it would be fun to share some off-the-cuff ideas to help you invite + unleash more intuition in your life.

1.      Make friends with your feelings. Your feelings are guides to deeper wisdom and one of the main ways our intuition speaks. Learn to trust them, they know what they’re talking about if you make space to listen.

2.      Develop an intuitive practice. Intuitive writing, oracle cards, listening to music, mindful walks in nature, visiting a spiritual place, crystal collecting, drawing or painting. Anything that speaks to your heart, because an intuitive practice allows you to drop out of your mental chatter and into your heart’s flow. (The idea behind intuitive practices is to let the information flow with curiosity and not judgement, so we think with our hearts, instead of our minds.)

3.      Become a cosmic detective by observing the world around you. Notice details and patterns, notice symbols and signs. Pay attention to the universe and it will begin to unveil its mysteries to you.

4.      Dance more. As much as you can.

5.      Watch the clouds drift. Look for shapes. Let your imagination stretch, dream + see.

6.      Practice ways to open your heart, because listening to our heart is our quickest access point to our intuition. (Bonus: Need a quick heart-opening exercise? Put your hand on your heart and say the words, “My heart is wild, wise, and free.”) (Extra bonus: want to learn more about how to open your heart? Try my free course; it’s all about rocking your heart magic.)

7.  Repattern something in your life. Do the dishes differently. Drive a different way to work. Try a new restaurant instead of the same old haunt. Pay attention and notice what doing something differently teaches you.

8.      Go sit or stand by a tree. Ask it what it has to tell you. Listen with your heart.

9.      Play. Walk around a toy shop. Blow bubbles. Draw with crayons. Our inner child is an intuition genius, who has much to teach us when we access their wisdom.

10.  Look for synchronicities and concurrences. The universe speaks to our intuition through repetition and patterns, so stay open and mindful for them.

11.  Take note of your dreams. Reflect on any meaning, symbols, wisdom and feelings they evoke.

12.  Spend time in your imagination. Your imagination acts as a bridge to the unseen world. The more you let yourself dream, the more you’ll see elements of your dreams in reality.

13.  Play an intuitive game: ask a question in your heart that you are seeking wisdom on. Then put on a random playlist that calls to you. Notice what songs begin to play. Pay attention to any lyrics that jump out or thoughts you have while you listen. See what messages might come through.

14.  Create. Make art. Write a one sentence poem. Prepare a tasty meal. Wear a beautiful outfit. Design a cozy moment. Doesn’t matter what, just do it with the intention of honoring the art of creativity.

15.  Recognize you are a co-creator of your life, and you create something new every single day with your thoughts, actions, and choices.

16.  Spend more time in nature. Nature is innately intuitive and teaches us endless lessons on living cyclically, in relationship, organically, and authentically.

17.  Don’t limit yourself with having to know what it all means. Just stay open and trust that you’ll figure it out in time. Your intuition will make sure of that. 😉

Trusting Ourselves

We made it up to seventeen! Which is feeling complete, so I’ll stop there, without overthinking or overanalyzing whether my off-the-cuff list is “right.” Instead I’ll let my feelings and innate sense of completion guide.

Because that’s one of the most beautiful things about intuitive living: We begin to throw labels like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ out the window, and instead we learn to trust what comes through in any given moment.

We learn to trust our feelings.

We learn to be patient with the process of our heart.

We learn to live a life where we see ourselves as the creative artist, who is constantly adding new colors to our palette through our experiences.

We release rigidity for flow. We develop a deep relationship with self-trust. We create maps of our internal worlds through imagination, sensing, and feeling.

Then we take our innate understanding of self out into the world, so we can continue to build lives of intention and authenticity.

Like I said, awesome-sauce, right?!