Hello 2019


New day. New year. New possibilities.

I awoke with a sense of anticipation today. 4:00 was a bit too early, but I think I just wanted to breathe in the year of 2019 first thing. I always enjoy the new year, but something feels extra magical about this one. Like it’s going to be a change-point for new direction.

Even my last vestiges of work in Alaska are done; my previous AK business license expired on the 31st, so the last shards of an old identity are peeling away. It didn’t feel coincidental that I received approval for a new business from the state of Hawaii yesterday. The email that appeared in my inbox seemed to wink at me, and say, “Hello and welcome to an unwritten page, new things are coming your way.”

I don’t exactly know what those new things are. When I first arrived on Kauai, I just knew I needed to lay my clinical psychological practice down and leave the full-time part of it behind me. I spent a lot of 2017 and 2018 actualizing and crystallizing neglected aspects of self who didn’t have the space to come forth in Alaska. This joyful, rainbow, fairy-sprite part of self popped out and illustrated her first children’s book, and the intuitive-mystic in me fully emerged and learned to use and own her gifts.

The fall of 2018 felt integrative.

The moment I started creating ecourses something in me began to hum and sing. My body felt like it was making music, composing a symphony with many instruments, as I wove together my artistic side, my intuitive side, my writer side, my spiritual side, and my psychological side.

Here, at last, I found a space which allowed me to fully tap into my inner library and create from a space of multi-dimensional fluidity. Something about the variety of mediums I used to create the courses worked so well for me, and September to December passed in a flash. Though I remember the fall and some of the beautiful moments in its composition, a lot of it feels like a blur spent creating from a space of joy and flow, unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

It was such an intuitive, magical place , I felt like I was dancing with the invisible intelligence and creativity of the universe- unseen, but undeniably present.

This holiday break has been a pause from that stream of creative consciousness. I’ve tried to unwind and let go, so my brain has a chance to release the reigns for a while. My hope for the new year is that when I pick the reigns back up, things will feel even more inviting and intuitive after taking a respite and recharging.

I don’t know what this year is going to look like, but I feel a burn inside of me. It makes me feel like a firecracker waiting to go off. I’ve got big dreams and big intentions: create an ecourse for Empaths, speaking opportunities and workshops, start a women’s moon circle on the island, creative soulful work with creative soulful clients. Illustrate and write another’s children’s book. Work on Revelations of The Sky, the trilogy to Lamentations of The Sea and Transformations of The Sun.

If all that pans out, then 2019 is going to be a busy year.

But I’m open to the flow of things and renavigation if needed. 2018 taught me to set an intention then let go of outcome, as it leaves much more space for life to work with and through. Overall, I know I want the year to bring greater creativity, more opportunities for joy, upcycling any challenges into words and wisdom, time in nature, and mindful moments of connection, heart, and love.

So with that, I cast my words into these winds and share them with you. Because sharing intentions is incredibly powerful, and I’ve learned that it’s good to put our dreams out there- it gives them a larger span where they can land. Wherever you are at today, I wish you fruition of your dreams, honoring your own pace and process of self, and the gift of allowing this year to unfold as you find your answers through living each day to the full.

Here’s to a beautiful 2019.

Love, BethAnne