Endings and Beginnings


I finished my book today, Transformations of The Sun.

I know an ending when I write one, and after I wrote the last words and went through the final section- reworking, reordering, recalibrating- I realized I had finished my 122 passages for my next book.

I started on March 11th, finished on April 22nd with 122 passages and 177 pages. These are auspicious numbers and the kinds of angelic synchronicities that always make me smile and help me know I’m on the right path. The page number will change in the publication process, but for today the double 7’s feel double lucky.

The creative process continues to astound me.

I sat dead in the water for most of December through February, trying to find a stirring wind to blow me in a new direction, trying to make a paddle out of my own hands, usually giving up and just taking a nap instead.

It just wasn’t time; sometimes we do have to push through our own sense of procrastination, but this wasn’t one of those times. I wasn’t procrastinating, I was gesticulating and germinating something inside of myself who needed a bit longer before she was ready to come to fruition.

Her presence surprised even me, as I was looking in a different direction and had no plans to write this particular book.

This is the fun part of trusting life, spirit, and the process. Those moments where it all works out and you realize you were being guided all along until everything intersected at just the right point. The non-fun parts are all those dark nights of the soul, hopeless moments of wandering, and confusing times where you’re not even sure that you’re on the right path.

The longer I walk the path though, the more I’m learning to trust it and to trust- even in dark moments- it’s all working together as it should. Particularly when my heart if in alignment with my highest truth of love.

And just as this project is “ending” (I say “ending” because every writer knows that every time you write “The End” in a story, it really just means you’re now ready for the boring, arduous, proofing and editing process), but be that as it may, I do sense new beginnings on the horizon.

A teaching opportunity may be opening up, it just kind of landed in my lap: there’s been too many synchronicities to ignore the signs, and I’ve got those angel tingles at my back telling me that a change is on the horizon.

I’ve got a children’s book to see to completion- it’s 85% done and just needs a little tlc.

And a few new clients have shown up; I suspect more might follow now that I feel more clear and in alignment with my psychological healing work and how I want to go about doing it.

Sometimes we have to wait until the universe is ready for creation to happen, and sometimes it is the universe who is waiting for us so we can create.

It is a dance, this relationship with life. And today I find myself laughing at the steps, singing along with the ocean songs, feeling the change of summer coming our way, and happily writing the words “The End.”

Because an ending is simply a beginning in new form.