We Sing A Common Theme


How do any of us separate and distinguish ourselves from the incessant flow of information we run into daily?

I find myself trying to take more space lately. Turning off the news. Ignoring the anxiety that frets about what’s happened now?  Reminding myself that each of us needs to stand up in awareness and awakening and conscious actions at this time of upheaval and change. And in order to do that we need extreme self-care.

We need to press “off” at times, harness our energy back in. In order to be our brightest, most change engaging, “on” selves.

At the same time, I find myself in this odd space of contributing to that incessant flow. Trying to find authentic, organic ways to promote my latest book. Trying to find the places where I fit and can plug in. Trying to create a space for myself as a writer, connect with the people who see and feel and resonate with my work.

I think this is what all of us are trying to do in life in our own unique ways- trying to connect with people who see and feel and resonate with us, even as we’re inundated with too much stimulation and need to go inwards, turn ourselves off for awhile, and go back to the space of our own energy.

So it is with a bit of cognitive dissonance that I write this post.

I created this site as a means of resonating, even as I acknowledge that there are too many things overwhelming us. Promoting this. Asking us to buy that. Grabbing our attention one way. Redirecting it another.

I don’t want to be just another shouting voice asking people to look at me.

I believe there is a place for each of us in this world. And despite my reticence, I continually feel pressed upon to try and connect with others on a greater level. So with a bit of ambivalence, a bit of assurance, a bit of but you don’t really know what you are doing, and a smattering of but do it anyways, I started this site today.

Not as a way to be “looked” at. But- I hope, I hope- as a way to see and be seen.

I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along. Find my own balance in the clash of informational cacophony, treading lightly and reluctantly in the sea of self-promotion, all while I genuinely hope that for those I’m meant to connect with- we connect.

Because there are a lot of voices out there singing their own tunes. But there are some of us singing the same songs. Whistling melodies long forgot in the hopes that someday we will stumble into another singing those lost songs- recognize the whistles and the winds and the whispers- realizing we are breathing and living the same hymns.

And in that moment, where truth meets truth, we will find we sing a common theme.