Flow: Trusting Life’s Process

New year, new space, new website. And this the first official post. I’d like to say something BIG or important, but instead all I have is simple reflection and going back to the basics.

The principles of allowance and receiving are on my heart as I write these words. Along with a thoughtful and tender contemplation regarding how I tend to be in the world – – taking the reigns of things, steering the chariot, and trying to make things happen in my life. What a beautiful gift when we discover our own agency and empower ourselves to change and actualization.

And yet, like any other gift, we get out of balance if we use it too much and just do the same thing over and over.

Seems like ever since I got to Kauai, I’ve been trying hard to make things happen and steer my ship. Sure, I give the universe a little room to do its work, but I get cranky when my expectation of time line and the universe’s time line don’t gel. So after a season of frustration, it’s occurred to me that perhaps the universe isn’t the problem, perhaps I am:

Maybe it would better support my process to give the universe a whole lot more space to bring good things my way instead of always trying to make good things happen.

A seasoned dancer knows there is an easy way and a hard way of doing things. Years of practice, of training your muscles and teaching your body to stay in alignment with itself, will produce effortless turns, leaps, and moves. Stop practicing or get something out of whack, and it’s going to throw the whole thing off. And sometimes the harder you try and force it, the worse it gets.

Some things just need patience, relaxation, and breath – – before you find your flow.

Our relationship with the universe is not so very different. The more we are in alignment with our self, our truth, our spirit, the more things tend to flow. The more we fight the process, get lazy and try and keep things the same, and don’t give ourselves (or life) space to become whatever it needs to be – – the harder, more arduous, and effort filled it is.

I learned from my dance teacher that you are never too good or too advanced to just show up and take class- no matter what the level. And I am finding this to be absolutely true with being a student of life and a student of the universe: you are never too good to just show up and take class.

So I’m taking class right now. Studying life. Remembering the lesson of how to embrace. Remembering the lesson of how to let go. Practicing steps I thought I knew, but have been reminded – – you’re never too good to practice, train those muscles, and work on old and new skills alike, as your heart learns new levels of alignment.

There is a certain pattern and direction to things. Sometimes we have to trust in it, stay with its rhythm, and believe that when the time is right we’ll find that effortless flow.