Sky Waltz


It’s hard to believe we’re here.

I woke up today with a purring kitty; we laid side by side on my pillow, chins resting on hands and paws; watched the jungle light go from deep night green to dawn light moss to verdant day break. A few roosters wandered by, a feral cat, too many birds to count; Shire’s eyes widened into saucer’s as she watched and wondered at this new space.

Transplanting from Alaska to Kauai was nothing but difficulty and work and living the sweaty hard truth that if you want something different in your life you have to make it happen.

And now it’s happened, and I woke up trying to wrap my mind around a new truth: we now live on one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific.

Today is the first day of a new book…

Like the cat, my eyes became saucers on the morning walk. Keen, aware, heightened with an acute sense of awakening and opening. I talked to the plants and marveled at their red and yellow and fuchsia leaves. Watched the sky waltz a triple step of cloud and light and shadow. I waltzed along with two dogs and a heart in awe.

I wondered why it took me so long to get here even though it couldn’t have happened any sooner. Dislocated, yet come home all at once, I thought about my steps.

The path here was straight and sure- charging ahead with resolution- with little room for missteps or looking back or regrets, because I wouldn’t have found what I needed to let go of life and all I loved in Alaska.

But here, on this island of aloha there is room for so much more then I’ve wakened to before. And under an ever shifting skyscape, with an earth so drenched in the spirits of those who came before I already hear then tugging at me and whispering in my mind-

Now it’s time to dance.