Possibility’s Infinity: Embracing the Creative Process


How far can your dreams stretch if you don’t tell them they have limits?

I’m working on stretching mine these days. There’s been starts and stops. Bursts of activity followed by the crash of nothingness. Uncertainty. Creativity. Feeling lost then re-finding my way.

Basically the nature of the creative process where you can only see a few feet before you and have to trust that if you just start somewhere, the path will begin to unfold. 

It’s unfolding with small endeavors and big dreams; each creative endeavor a step towards creating a new path in life life. Last year all I knew was feeling over stretched from running my private practice, trying to squeeze in side projects and wring out creative drops from my tired mind. This year I have space- glorious, wonderful, freeing, really f-ing scary space.

Because space means the unknown, and the unknown always feels scary.

I believe in the visions we are given for our lives though, and I believe they are given for a purpose, no matter how much of a stretch them seem.

I believe they come from our higher selves, from spirit, from the universe, from soul callings, from the powers and entities of love, which guide and direct our days. And we are given them, so we can do the one thing nobody else can do:

Actualize our own dreams. Give birth to the vision. See it through.

And while I also believe spirit is there supporting us, my experience is that we will be given just enough support to keep going and not much more. Because life does not want to rob us of soul growth opportunities to expand, so oftentimes the path is not made easy. It’s just made passable.

Five months so far on Kauai, and I’ve come a ways since we first settled into our little home in the jungle, and I asked the question “what next?” Because the beginning of what next is happening right now, and right now is me creating a patchwork quilt out of many different endeavors trying to bring a multitude of spiritual creativity into the world in a variety of ways.

I’ve started the first in a series of children’s books. I’m working on creating a card set for meditation and affirmation, “Whimsical Wisdoms for Women (young ones and up). I’ve been publishing over at the Urban Howl, here’s the latest.. I’m working on my sequel to Lamentations of The Sea. And in the new year, I will be offering intuitive readings and expanding this site to reflect that, and (hopefully) getting back to sharing weekly channeled messages.

I don’t know how all this will look or come together, and if it will be enough to support me in a way that feels equitable and doable. Worry can creep along and raise the distress signal. Self-doubt is a real beast. It can be hard to believe relentlessly in your own vision for self when you’re in an incubation period and don’t have too much to show for it yet.

But as I write those last words it occurs to me, I do have something to show. Pages. Scribblings. Art. Recent words on this site that reflect the courage I found to share more of my spiritual journey. And I am here, in Kauai, living the wings of my dreams.

Letting them stretch out wide into the unknown and grasp for the tips of possibility’s infinity.