Hello Friends! I created Your Heart Magic to foster authentic connection, provide heart-based wisdom, and organically share my work.

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In hope, Dr. BethAnne K.W.


Follow your heart magic into worlds unknown. Learn your sacred language of soul. Skip to the rhythm of your spirit’s drum beat. Taste the kind nectar of this world’s bittersweet. With your joyful abandon and crystalline wings, become so authentically, beautifully BIG- - you have no place to go but up, up, up into sky’s rainbow seam. And there in the cusp of divinity’s reach, you’ll find the soft grace to set yourself free.
— Dr. BethAnne K.W.

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Heart Wisdom

A Video on our Monthly Topic

Each month you'll receive a special video sharing perspective and insight! Videos are created to go along with the monthly theme and offer unique psychological, spiritual, and creative perspective to help support you on your journey towards creating an authentic life of meaning and joy.


Heart Artistry

Soul-Care Activities

Each letter will offer ideas for your soul-care and self-nourishment through a reflection question, healing activity, and soulful affirmation. If we want to learn to live heart-based lives of purpose and authenticity, then it is vital we tend to our hearts with grace and care, and I've created tools to help support you in doing just that.


Heart Reflection

Topical Blog Articles

Each letter will contain a blog post on our monthly theme offering words of whimsy, wit and wisdom!


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Every month I'll offer an exclusive discount on my courses, books, or services available only to the Your Heart Magic Community.


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Send gratitude to your younger self; thank her or him for showing up and helping you get you this far. Pause for a bit in presence and allow the future to unspool in its own time, knowing it will be written in exact accordance with the highest script of your self and soul. Wrap your present self in a giant bow and hug; give them all the love; thank your heart for supporting your path and know there are more beautiful things to come.
— Dr. BethAnne K.W.