If you are looking for clarity in your life, reassurance you are on the right path, and support for embodying your highest and brightest version of self, then an Intuitive Reading is just the thing to help support your growth and shed light on questions you may have about yourself, your relationships, career path, life transitions or anything else that feels unclear.

What exactly is an Intuitive Reading? Simply put, it’s your direct connection into Universal Intelligence, to hear about YOUR life, YOUR path, and YOUR opportunities. Many people feel the presence of spirit, but are unsure of how to have a real conversation, and often it’s THE most important conversation we need to have.  

This is where I come in. 

I receive personal messages for you for any area of your life you have questions about. I bring clarity, clear information and words of profound love and support through accessing your Akashic Records and Angelic Guides.

My role is to be the gateway between you and the Universe that has so much to say to you. Your role is to listen, ask questions, and open your heart. 

Does this sound like precisely the kind of guidance and connection you’ve been looking for?  For many, it is!  

As an Intuitive Psychologist, I offer spiritual guidance and intuitive information – all wrapped in the psychological understanding to help support you in your growth and transformation process. My background as a psychologist uniquely intersects with my intuitive healing gifts, allowing me to understand and bring in information that is illuminating, clear, and healing.  

Readings are illuminating, informative and perfect for anyone who is seeking greater clarity around their soul path, relationships, career, life transitions, or life challenges. 

My personal experience with readings- as the giver and the recipient- is that they are often enlightening, fun, and a bright guidepost on our path, which helps nudge, encourage, and light the next step!



60 min. sessions - $222

90 min. sessions - $333

3 package sessions- $555

9 package sessions- $1444

(packages are for hour long sessions and can be used anytime within 6 months of purchase.)

My Other Offerings


Creative Soul Sessions

Had a reading, don’t want the structure of a mentorship, yet you still have questions and desire support for your spiritual growth? Then Creative Soul Sessions are just for you, where I individually tailor our time together to meet your needs to support you on your spiritual journey.


Intuitive Mentorship

My Intuitive Mentorship program is created for those who are seeking to develop their intuition and spiritual gifts and looking for a guide to help illuminate the journey.