You’re already tapping into your own unique relationship with your deeper self and the divine, yet you know there is something more and you’d like to find out what that is.

You want to grow in your relationship with spirit. You want to keep growing your intuition. You want your life to reflect your spiritual truths. 

You want to better understand how it all works, so you can feel more aligned an empowered.

This is where I come in.

I felt called to create an Intuitive Mentorship to help mentor, teach, and empower others who are on the spiritual path and looking for guidance as they move forwards, so they can move with intention and clarity.

When I went through my initial spiritual awakening and subsequent growth, I didn’t have a lot of guidance. I often felt like I was feeling my way through the dark, trying to make sense of the new awareness that were taking place in my life. I wanted to dive deeper, but I didn’t always know where to start. 

Sound familiar? I’ve been there! 

With my personal experiences of spiritual transformation, coupled with my background and understanding as a psychologist, I’ve learned a lot about how the invisible path of the soul unfolds in our everyday lives.

Broken up into 3 parts with 3 sessions apiece, this is a 9-week program that I created with flexibility in mind, to tailor and adapt to your individual needs. Some of the topics we’ll address include:

  • Learning your unique language of soul and how to access your intuitive + psychic gifts

  • Meeting your spirit guides and understanding how they are communicating with you

  • Tons of guidance and nourishment to help you tend your inner garden of soul

  • Working through old beliefs and energetic blocks that limit our innate beliefs

  • Living heart-centered and soulfully in a challenging world

  • How to bring more magic, joy and intuition into your life

Ready to dive in and experience clarity and growth? You can connect with me at to inquire about and apply for mentorship.



60 min. sessions - $222

90 min. sessions - $333

3 package sessions- $555

9 package sessions- $1444

(packages are for hour long sessions and can be used anytime within 6 months of purchase.)

My Other Offerings


Creative Soul Sessions

Had a reading, don’t want the structure of a mentorship, yet you still have questions and desire support for your spiritual growth? Then Creative Soul Sessions are just for you, where I individually tailor our time together to meet your needs to support you on your spiritual journey.


Intuitive Reading

Everything begins with an Intuitive Reading, where I will open your Akashic Records and also bring in messages from the Archangels to help you receive direct guidance for your life path.