My Offerings

As an Intuitive Psychologist and Empath, I can support your growth and transformation with a unique blend of intuitive guidance and psychological direction.


Intuitive Readings

We’ll take the first step onto your spiritual path together, by opening your Akashic Records for an Intuitive Reading. I will bring in messages for you from the Archangels, offering direct guidance for your life path.


Intuitive Mentorship

My Intuitive Mentorship Program is designed for spiritually curious, soul seekers who are ready to move beyond the self-help books. This is perfect for you if you’re ready to be guided through cultivating your intuition and developing your spiritual gifts.


Creative Soul Sessions

Are you an independent soul who is looking for a spiritual BFF while you navigate your own spiritual journey. This could be just what you need!

My Creative Soul Sessions are for you if the structure of a mentorship feels like the wrong fit, but you’re craving connection and guidance on your own terms.


Online Classes

Are you looking for self-paced independent tools to quench your spiritual thirst?

Head to my online classes to learn more about my soul-filled offerings. These have been created from absolute love with the intention of nourishing and developing your heart wisdom at your preferred pace.

I feel truly alive when I get the privilege to embolden others to follow their hearts and live spirit-inspired lives of joy, creativity, and intention. And I would love to help you get to know the Universe and Spirit that loves you, and wants to communicate with you. 

Questions or interested in scheduling? Please feel free to reach out! Sessions are done via phone, and I can be reached at to schedule.

It is a gift: this breath of time. One that begs no payment other than we do our best to learn to love and try and live it well.
— Bethanne K.W.