If you’re seeking spiritual support, but the idea of a structured mentorship stifles you, then Creative Soul Sessions could be the answer.

I have worked with hundreds of lightworkers and the one thing I know for sure is that one size does not fit all. I knew that I had to create an adaptable offering to hold space in whatever form might be needed. 

Creative Soul Sessions is the manifestation of this need. It offers a safe vessel for a unique blend of intuitive collaboration, channelling and coaching. 

So this is for you, whether you’re an empath seeking to manage your gifts, a spiritual entrepreneur looking for guidance, or a sensitive soul who identifies with being a lightworker in this world.

My calling is to empower you to listen to your heart, follow your intuition, and trust the voice of your soul, in a way that resonates with you.

Here’s how it looks in action:

You bring your gifts to the table and I bring my gifts to the table. We work together to alchemize your soul’s dreams and guide you towards your most beautiful, authentic life. 

Let’s create together! Contact me at bethannekw@gmail.com to schedule your first session.


60 min. sessions - $222

90 min. sessions - $333

3 package sessions- $555

9 package sessions- $1444

(packages are for hour long sessions and can be used anytime within 6 months of purchase.)

My Other Offerings


Intuitive Reading

Everything begins with an Intuitive Reading, where I will open your Akashic Records and also bring in messages from the Archangels to help you receive direct guidance for your life path.


Intuitive Mentorship

My Intuitive Mentorship program is created for those who are seeking to develop their intuition and spiritual gifts and looking for a guide to help illuminate the journey.