My Services

Private 1-on-1 Intuitive Psychology Sessions


I offer two different kinds of 1:1 services- Creative Soul Sessions and Intuitive Readings. Sessions are usually 60 minutes, but I offer several time options for those who may wish for a little bit less or a little bit extra. My heart is helping others engage in their own process of heart growth and change, so I work on being adaptive, flexible, innovative, and creative with my offerings.

If you’re interested in working together, yet uncertain as to what would best fit your needs right now- please feel free to reach out, and we’ll figure it out together. Sessions are done via phone or video, and I can be reached at to schedule.

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45 min. sessions - $133

60 min. sessions - $188

75 min. sessions - $244

90 min. sessions - $299


She compassionately tailors each session to meet the individual’s needs. Sessions take place over the telephone or over Skype. Please contact her at for inquiries and to schedule a session.



Creative Soul Sessions are designed to help support your process of personal empowerment and transformation, combining therapeutic, healing, and intuitive strategies.

My heart is to empower individuals to live lives of greater authenticity and creativity. I believe we are all sacred artists, who have an opportunity to co-create with the universe each and every day. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our intentions, our hearts, and our actions are our tools; our lives the canvas. I believe we each have our own soul calling and heart path. I also believe that we each have a unique process of being and a unique way of interfacing with the world.

And I believe that everyone deserves to unlock their gifts, explore their potential, and bring wild beauty, inner wisdom, radical self-love, and their own sense artistry into their lives.

I designed Creative Soul Sessions for those looking to find greater clarity, depth, and insight on their life path. The individual looking to live more creatively, authentically, and magically. Sessions are focused on creative consultation, coaching, and collaboration. As we connect and work together, I offer guidance, support, and insight to help you discover your own soul path, to navigate transitions and life transformation, and to actualize your unique being and process in the world. In addition to dialogue and discussion where we identify your intentions and goals, work through challenges, and find any blocks that may be standing in the way of further actualizing your dreams, I may also draw on channeling, empathic sensing, and the use of oracle cards in the session as I feel guided.

My goal with Creative Soul Sessions is that they transcend and heal on multiple levels. They are designed for those looking to dive in and embrace a greater depth of transformation. For those looking to live bigger, braver, and more authentically. Those looking to be in alignment with their heart path and purpose, so they can keep creating a life of joy and possibility.  

It is a gift: this breath of time. One that begs no payment other than we do our best to learn to love and try and live it well.
— Bethanne K.W.



Intuitive readings are wonderful tools for individuals looking for clarity and insight to specific life questions. During a reading I will access information from your guides and Akashic records to help shed light on your questions and bring in higher perspective, guidance, and wisdom.

I ask that anybody who signs up for a reading come prepared with a list of topics they would like information on. During the reading I will take a few minutes at the beginning to fully tap into your unique soul energy, and after that we can dialogue and ask your questions as we go. I receive intuitive information through clairvoyance (I see images surrounding situations), clairaudience (I hear information), clairsentience (I receive a clear sense of feeling), and claircognizance (I have a sense of resonant knowing).  

My intention for serving others in this world is an intention of love, so know that all readings are done from a space of joy and love where I request that the only information which comes through is for your highest good and truth. Please note that the information that comes through in readings is not intended to be absolute, readings just show the current energies and possibilities surrounding a situation, which can be helpful with insight, direction, and perspective.

I love doing readings; it is work that brings me joy to do as I never know what will come through, and I consider it an honor and privilege to read for others! Receiving readings from fellow Intuitives gave me so much confirming information which helped me feel encouraged and confident in moving to Hawaii and realigning my professional path. My personal experience with readings- as the giver and the recipient- is that they are often enlightening, fun, and a bright guidepost on our path, which helps nudge, encourage, and illuminate the next step.

Not everybody can love so hard you break your own heart and have to keep reforming it anew until your heart gets so big it holds the stars -
and you realize your heart was never truly broken, it was just being stretched wider and vaster, until it grew so spacious it became capable of grasping love’s infinity.
— Bethanne K.W.