My name is Dr. BethAnne Kapansky Wright

As an empath, highly sensitive, and intuitive, it has been on my heart my entire life to see the unique beauty in people and help people actualize their potential.

Those innate gifts eventually led me into the field of psychology where I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I’ve been in the field for the last 20 years and during that time I worked at a college counseling center and a community counseling center before transitioning into a private practice. I ran my practice for 12 years in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in women’s issues, life transitions, relationship issues, mood disorders, trauma, complex trauma/PTSD, grief work, and interpersonal growth.

I will forever be grateful for the strong, grounded clinical knowledge base these experiences gave me. My role as a psychologist, and my interactions with the individuals I’ve been privileged to work with throughout the years, gifted me with so much learning about the journey of being human and becoming- and learning to find the gifts in that process.

My life changed dramatically in January of 2016 when I lost my only sibling Brent. As I write these words I would reflect that his loss will forever be inextricably bound to my life path, as my grief journey brought me to a braver space of living. One where writing books became an actuality instead of a dream. One where following my dreams became a “do it now,” instead of a “someday.” One that had me wrapping up and closing down life in Alaska to move to the island of Kauai in 2017 in search of a more creative, spiritual, and intuitive path.

They say that those who leave us do not leave without leaving a gift, and so it was with Brent. I was already naturally intuitive and clairvoyantly gifted; though I didn’t quite realize it at the time, these gifts supported me in my therapeutic work helping me often respond with uncanny insight and empathy. Tarot cards just made sense to me and told me stories. I was used to seeing signs, symbols, and synchronicities everywhere that felt rich in connection and meaning. And I often had perceptions of hearing messages from the natural world, which informed my writing and poetry.

But it was after losing Brent that my intuitive gifts grew exponentially. My abilities to perceive and receive became increasingly heightened. I was able to spiritually sense Brent and receive messages from him. I began channeling and working with the Akashic records, and as I grew into my own gifts, I started to find the confidence to share them with others and offer intuitive readings for clarity, healing, and insight.

Fight for your right to be happy. Place your hand on your heart and heed its truth: your soul is so much more than your story. Your soul is so much more than your story.
— Bethanne K.W.

It became clear to me that moving into more intuitive and spiritual work was the direction I was being called to go.

I came to Kauai to expand on this work: through my writing, through my teaching, through my art, through my work with individuals. The role of Psychologist is so deeply ingrained into my background, I couldn’t not think like a Psychologist if I tried! Yet in my time here, I’ve been in gratitude and overwhelming appreciation for having the space I’ve needed to further actualize and develop my skills as an Intuitive Healer; I continue to change and evolve in my own growth process, and I look forward to continuing to bring that ever shifting energy into my work.

I think of myself as an Intuitive Psychologist, and my goal in my individual sessions is to unify my gifts and offer individuals a multi-dimensional approach to healing, which is transcendent and transformative. We have such incredible potential that is often only limited by ourselves. Tapping into that potential and living lives of joy and authenticity is available for all of us. And my hope in my service to others is to support them in their own process of change, and to help them see themselves through the eyes of the universe- as infinite beings of possibility and love.